Beyond eClass: Interactive Pedagogies Using Zoom, H5P, and More (Summer 2025)

Beyond eClass: Interactive Pedagogies Using Zoom, H5P, and More (Summer 2025)

This course can count toward the Certificate of Proficiency in Teaching for eLearning.

There’s more to teaching online than eClass! Increasingly, educators are talking about “Zoom pedagogy,” “H5P plugins,” and a suite of different tech tools to enhance interactivity in their online classrooms. Join us in this wholly online course to explore strategies and technologies to boost interaction with and between your students. Whether you are looking to simply connect with students more effectively, increase engagement with course content and lectures, enrich your course with formative assessments, or ensure that your approach to interactivity is accessible and equitable, this course will provide opportunities for participants to learn, experiment, and share with colleagues through participation in weekly learning activities. In addition to Zoom and H5P, featured technologies will include Padlet, Mentimeter, and Kahoot, as well as others crowdsourced from course participants.

Learning outcomes:
By the end of this course, participants will be able to effectively use interactive strategies in a range of online teaching technologies by:
• Taking into account pedagogical considerations when evaluating which tech tool to use, and when
• Creating opportunities to connect with students outside eClass
• Engaging students interactively with course content or lectures
• Designing interactive approaches to formative assessment
• Applying interactive technologies to support access and inclusion

This course is open to all course directors and teaching assistants at York and no previous experience with online teaching is required. Participants can expect to spend a total of approximately 4-8 hours engaging with course content and activities. The course is designed asynchronously, meaning that while there are weekly deadlines, participants can complete each week’s tasks at any time that is convenient to them.

Course Dates: August 11-September 5, 2025

Optional synchronous sessions take place on Thursdays, 10-11 am

Note that registration for this course closes on August 7, 11:59 pm.