Online Assignments: Deep Learning through Engaging Assignments (ONLINE) (Summer 2025)

Online Assignments: Deep Learning through Engaging Assignments (ONLINE) (Summer 2025)

This course can count toward the Certificate of Proficiency in Teaching for eLearning.

While some assignments adapt relatively easily to the online environment, others present more challenges, ranging from the technical (managing group presentations online) to the pedagogical (ensuring students get timely and effective support). Rethinking assignments for online learning is a great opportunity to experiment with new approaches, streamline and polish assignment design, and consider how to use assignments to nudge student learning to the next level. In this fully online course, participants will learn by doing through ongoing participation in weekly mini-assignments. Together we will practice creative and efficient approaches to assignment design, apply best practices and pedagogical theory, and troubleshoot common challenges. 

Learning Outcomes: 

By the end of this course, participants will be able to effectively develop online assignments that engage students in deep learning by:

-Applying knowledge about engaging and motivating online learners to the design of course assignments
-Selecting an appropriate approach to course assignments from a range of options
-Creating opportunities to leverage peer-based learning through effective online group work
-Ensuring that assignments are both authentic & relevant assignments for students as well as for the course

This course is open to all course directors at York and no previous experience with online assignment design is required. Participants can expect to spend a total of approximately 4-8 hours engaging with course content and activities. The course is designed asynchronously, meaning that while there are weekly deadlines, participants can complete each week’s tasks at any time that is convenient to them. This course is actively facilitated by a Teaching Commons instructor, and participants will be able to ask questions and access further support and resources by email or through the course eClass at any point.

Upcoming course dates: July 7-August 8, 2025
Optional synchronous sessions take place on Wednesdays, 1-2 pm

Note that registration for this course closes on July 3rd, 11:59 pm