AI and Education: A Hands-On Workshop for Course Transformation (Relaxed Online Intensive) (August 19-30, 2024)

AI and Education: A Hands-On Workshop for Course Transformation (Relaxed Online Intensive) (August 19-30, 2024)

This course can count toward the Certificate of Proficiency in Teaching for eLearning.

Looking to get some hands-on time as you respond to ChatGPT and other generative AI tools in your teaching? Join us for a fully online course in the practical pedagogy of technology-enhanced teaching in the age of artificial intelligence. We will explore a range of topics and resources to determine what this new technology will mean for your course policies, your assessments, and your teaching strategies. Participants will learn by doing as they apply course learning to their own course(s) – whether you are new to generative AI or already using it in your classroom, this course will support you in developing a robust and pedagogically informed approach to its many facets and implications.

This course is offered as a ten-day intensive during which regular daily participation is required. Participants can expect to spend a total of approximately 4-8 hours engaging with course content and activities over the course (approximately 1-2 hours per day). The course is designed asynchronously, meaning that while there are daily deadlines, participants can complete each day's tasks at any time that is convenient to them. This course is open to all course directors at York and no previous experience with generative AI is required.

"AI and Education" is actively facilitated by a Teaching Commons instructor, and participants will be able to ask questions and access further support and resources by email, in online office hours, or through the course eClass at any point.

By the end of this course, participants will have:
• Made significant and meaningful changes to an existing course for enhanced learning in the age of artificial intelligence
• Explored multiple aspects of course delivery and design that may be influenced by ChatGPT and similar technologies
• Given and received feedback on concrete strategies for responding to generative AI in postsecondary education

Note: Participants are welcome to re-take the course if so desired, but should be aware that the course structure and content will be familiar to them. Resources and course materials will be updated to reflect changes in the rapidly moving generative AI landscape.

Course Dates: August 19-30, 2024

Synchronous course meetings (optional):
• Course Kick-off: August 20, 11:00-12:00 ET (recorded)
• Module Check-ins: August 22, 26, 28, & 30, 11:00-12:00 ET (not recorded)

Note that registration for this course closes on August 15th, 11:59 pm.